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online gaming hub Roblox filed to go public Nov. 19 and most recently updated its IPO prospectus on Dec. 1 with plans to go public before the end of the year. But now, Roblox will postpone its IPO into 2021.

Analysts had forecast that if Roblox went public this year, its value could easily reach $8 billion — twice what investors value the company at in a recent round of private fund-raising. But as The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, the explosive IPO action last week surrounding Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) and DoorDash (NYSE: DASH) have given Roblox second thoughts.

Specifically, greedier thoughts.

Group of fantastical avatars over company name ROBLOX.

Image source: Roblox.

Airbnb shares more than doubled in price on their first day of trading, and DoorDash did nearly as well, rising 86%. If you’re an investor, that probably sounds like a good thing and has you excited at the prospect of enjoying a huge Roblox IPO this month — but Roblox had a different reaction.

After seeing the huge difference between the prices Airbnb and DoorDash got for their shares, and the value received by the investors who owned them at the end of the day, Roblox management seems to have concluded it would leave too much money on the table if it IPO’ed at the anticipated $8 billion valuation.

So instead, Roblox is going to put its IPO on a shelf, figure out how much it might realistically be able to charge for its shares, and return to the IPO market early next year. Circulating a memo to its employees Friday, Roblox CEO David Baszucki explained that “based on everything we have learned to date … we’ve decided to take this opportunity to work with our advisors to see how we can make such improvements.”

Specifically, “improve” the amount of money it makes from its IPO.

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Fortnite is launching new Snowdown event challenges every day for about the next two weeks here where players can earn event-themed holiday prizes if they complete some relatively easy quests. Today’s advent calendar quest is to dance at different holiday trees on the map. Five of them, in particular, and they all have to be different.

I am not sure if there are more than five total on the Fortnite map, but I have found five exactly, so these are all that you need. Here’s where they are on the grand world map:

Fortnite EPIC

To recap, we have:

  • A holiday tree in the middle of Pleasant Park
  • A holiday tree in the north of Holly Hedges
  • A holiday tree in the middle of the unnamed orchard northeast of the desert
  • A holiday tree at the west side of Salty Towers
  • A holiday tree at the north end of Dirty Docks

Unlike say, finding car parts, these are really easy to find once you are close to them because they are like, 40 foot tall Rockefeller Center type trees so they are hard to miss, and most of them are in pretty hot drop zones.

Once you find them, you just have to dance at the base of the tree for a second and you will get credit for the challenge. Again, it’s five different trees, so you can’t just keep landing at the same one for five games just because it’s a zone you like, it won’t count.MORE FOR YOUKFC Reveals Its Next-Gen Video Game Console And It’s As Weird As You’d Expect‘Destiny 2’ Players Will Now Definitely Fail The Dawning Community Challenge Without Bungie’s HelpAfter A Month With PS5 And Xbox Series X, Which Is Better?

Fortnite EPIC

The prize for this is a holiday spray which is obviously not the most interesting reward of the event, but you need to complete a number of these events in total for the best prizes overall, which include the central snow bird skin that seems to be the mascot for Snowdown in general. I don’t know his actual name yet.

Another one of these challenges will drop tomorrow and the next day, and the next. If I’m being honest I may have liked Fortnite’s event more last year where you got to open a new present every day, but this is good too I guess, and they keep dropping these huge licensed skins this season which is the main focus, it seems.

So, get out there and start dancing in front of some trees, and try to avoid anyone who is doing that, as that wouldn’t be very Christmas spirit-y of you. See you out there.